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Big Rich Klein
President, W.E. ROCK Events
(530) 417-5333

Shelley Krehbiel
Business Manager

Shelley Krehbiel
Business Manager

Competitor Questions

Questions about rules or competing?

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Jake Good
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Big Rich Klein
President, W.E. ROCK Events
(530) 417-5333

Shelley Krehbiel
Business Manager

  • 9 Event Locations Across US
  • Thousands of Spectators
  • Classes: Professional, Sportsman, UTV
  • Professional & Grass Roots competitors
  • Spectator Focused
  • Quality Announcers
  • Active Website
  • Banners and Flags
  • Newsletters
  • Magazine Ads
  • Event Posters
  • Booth Space
  • Titles on Pictures
  • Commercials on Videos
  • Product for Sale in General Store Option
  • Radio Commercials on Soundtrack
  • Local 4×4 and Youth Club Participation
  • Military Participation
  • Host of Media Coverage
  • Active conversations on all top 4×4 forums

The following information outlines the Media / Press credential usage and issuing procedures for W.E.ROCK. If you have any questions about covering any W.E.ROCK events, please contact W.E.ROCK (530) 417-5333.

Press passes are issued to accredited members of the media only. (e.g. newspapers, magazines etc.) Requests should be made at least 48 hours in advance of each event. Email request and website information for verification!

Credentials will be issued on an event-by-event basis, these credentials will be left at the entrance to the event on the will-call list. If you fail to request credentials prior to arriving, you will be expected to purchase a ticket at the gate.

PARKING: Press parking is limited at the events. Those members of the media who are regularly assigned to cover W.E.ROCK events will be issued Press parking passes if available. All other members must make their requests known when acquiring media credentials. We will help you with this request on a space available basis!

W.E.ROCK will issue credentials for online media services based on a space available basis.

W.E.ROCK reserves the right to deny media credentials to any individual and/or company.

W.E.ROCK will issue credentials for Video coverage based on a case by case basis, often there are other factors involved. Please let us know if you intend to shoot video. Video coverage for commercial sale or reproduction is not allowed without specific approval / licensing by W.E.ROCK.

Drone coverage MUST be approved prior to flying, whether for commercial purposes or not. All Drones must be licensed.

Coverage Policy:
Media credentialed photographers and Video crews may shoot from both inside and outside the course boundary.
Due to the nature of these events please adhere to these simple safety practices:
1) Make sure of your placement and the placement of photographers around you. Always leave yourself an escape route, in case of rollovers.
2) Make sure you are not blocking a fellow photographers escape route, because of your position.
3) Make sure you are using the longest focal length lens possible for your coverage. This will prevent other photographers from taking pictures of the back of your head all day. It will also allow you the added safety of more distance from a rolling vehicle.
4) Remember you are not the only one at the event, working, trying to get the perfect photography or video image!
5) No commercial photography or Video is allowed at any event, without prior approval of W.E.ROCK!
6) All media / Press credential attendees will make available their event coverage, as possible, to W.E.ROCK for promotional use, W.E.ROCK reserves the right to deny access to any media outlet based on a space available basis or not observing basic safety polices!
7) Media passes can be revoked during a competition based on failure to follow safety policies, drinking alcohol, or other unsafe behavior.
8) All media must check in with WE Rock upon arrival, sign a media release and wear an approved safety vest at all times while shooting within course boundaries. Failure to do so will cause revocation of media privileges.

All commercial type work requires special approval, prior to the event!

Request for media credentials should be made to Shelley at or calling 208-220-2135.

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